Westminster and Houses of Parliament Terrorist Attack

Faizan-e-Islam unequivocally condemns the heinous act that was carried out on Westminster Bridge and at the Houses of Parliament yesterday.

Our deepest sympathies and condolences go to the families and friends of PC Keith Palmer, Kurt Cochran and Aysha Frade and all the others that were injured and those that witnessed the horrific incident.

The tragedy has impacted young and old, male and female, people of faith and no faith, such was the indiscriminate nature of the action and extended to beyond these shores as citizens of France, Romania, South Korea, Germany, Poland, Ireland, China, Italy, America and Greece were injured.

The humane response by those present to the inhumane act by rushing to the aid of those hurt demonstrates perfectly that good will overcome evil. The indiscriminate killing of innocent civilians is in direct contradiction to Islamic teachings and British values. There is no justification for such acts.

We pray that all the people of the UK will not feel terrorised or be fearful by yesterday’s events but remain strong and united against any such atrocities committed against humanity.

With peace and love
Shaykh Rabbani

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